Augmented intelligence for optimal executive recruitment.

Who we are

Founded and based in Montreal, INTEL2TALENT targets talent for senior management positions globally. Our methods have revolutionized the search industry. We use augmented intelligence to evaluate and recommend the very best, indeed, the optimal candidate for any given position.

With more than 25 years of success, INTEL2TALENT (I2T) is the executive search firm of choice for organizations seeking top-tier talent. Our innovative solution streamlines the recruitment process to assess and identify the best candidates.

Our systematic approach differentiates us. We identify, assess and recommend exceptional candidates whose values are aligned with your corporate culture.

A partner you can trust to identify and cultivate senior executive talent

An innovative approach for measuring and predicting success

A Montreal-based company that reinvests in the Canadian economy

Serving companies by ensuring diversity and inclusion

I2T was created to revolutionize the senior executive recruitment industry. We dedicate ourselves to our clients’ success, period. Brigitte Simard

Our services

We help our clients succeed

We take the time to understand and clearly define your business needs. Our goal is to identify, attract, evaluate, recruit, onboard, coach, develop and retain the best talent for our client.

Whether recruiting for a board member or senior executive manager position, I2T is committed to serving your best interests. We understand the importance of the selection process and the significant challenges you face. We recognize that there is no margin for error.

Our priority is your success. We use rigorous analytical processes to evaluate talent, your business challenges, and your organizational values and culture. We identify the ideal candidate to meet your needs. Our mission is to predict success.

Senior executive recruitment

We are skilled at identifying and analyzing business issues and challenges. We devote time and efforts to understand your organizational culture and values. We then define the profile of the ideal candidate; the one best suited to execute your mandate and deliver results.


We design and develop personalized coaching plans for executives who wish to boost their performance and improve their leadership skills.

Psychometric testing

We use algorithmic-based psychometric tests to assess and evaluate candidates and to match individuals with opportunities. We use test results to predict the success of our candidates and to identify and develop high-potential performers – tomorrow’s leaders.

Predicting success

We use interactive software programs to collect and analyze data. We can predict the fit of a candidate with your organizational culture and the specific challenges of the role.

Our experts

Brigitte Simard

Founder & Managing Partner

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Brigitte Simard is a seasoned, executive search professional with an extensive background and broad expertise in talent management. Over the past 15 years, she has recruited more than 400 executives for senior management positions and board memberships at major corporations and organizations. Recognized for her broad expertise, Brigitte advises organizations & boards of directors on issues pertaining to talent management, governance and recruitment strategies.

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Robert Landry

Robert Landry has specialized in executive recruitment for almost 15 years. He is a chartered professional accountant (CPA,CMA), and has been a member of the Quebec CPA Order for more than 20 years. Robert began his career with a large public organization then worked with major, private sector enterprises. Robert's success in establishing himself as a leading provider of highly skilled executives is based on his strong convictions and values, which are carried through in every mandate.

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